Corporate Onboarding

This system is for companies small and large to collapse their back office and compliance department down to one simple Blockchain application.

No central point of failure.

Ethereum and BSC ready.

The Standard in Blockchain.

Training isn't a cost.

Decentralized Application

  • Patent Pending
  • The Only True Blockchain for Oil & Gas
  • Decentralized
  • High Security (SHA-256 & Keccak)
  • Transact Worldwide Instantly
  • ESG Compliance Enabled

State of the art
Blockchain for Oil & Gas

By getting your organization in the Energy industry equipped with Energy Ledger Enterprise, your employees, labor unions, contractors, and partners will be held accountable for loss through the immutable aspect of blockchain. No longer will lost profits and inefficiency stay hidden for years, and employees jobs will be made easier through a system that is as simple as scanning a QR code.

Environmental standards are growing more and more stringent every day, and Blockchain provides internationally operating companies the ability to verify their compliance with standards set by the industry.

Blockchain is real time, with no down time.

Businesses small and large will become relevant on a common platform that allows international business to occur without friction. Blockchain is the only technology that can provide continuity throughout an entire industry while retaining privacy of the data included on-chain, making relevant data only accessible to those who hold private keys.

ESG Compliance Becomes Easy Software that's Green

When proving to partners, governments, and investors that your commitment to green energy is being fulfilled - having the data to do so in a reputable format is important. Blockchain is the standard for trustless compliance in the 21st century and it's coming to the Energy industry.

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