Enterprise dApp

Once you have logged into the dApp with Metamask - here are some of the features your company can utilize to begin tracking assets on the Blockchain.

Application Navigation

Control Panels

In beta, both the admin and user panel will be accessible to all to see how our software works at its very core. Once deployed for your organization - the admin profile can be safely controlled by an executive or a board using a multi-sig smart contract.

Admin Panel User Panel

Energy Ledger Enterprise is extremely versatile and well-quipped to handle large amounts of data transit. This solution allows you to track shipments on the blockchain at the lowest possible fees while also being able to handle up to 1 Million active shipments at once. Live. On the Blockchain.

Active Supply Chains


Without Energy Ledger

With Energy Ledger

Rejected Energy

Save money, reduce carbon emissions

It is estimated by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that 79% of petroleum is wasted downstream and makes it's way to a category called rejected energy. Through recouping this waste utilizing better systems for tracking and addressing inefficiencies at specific areas in the supply chain - we can use Energy Ledger Enterprise to conduct revenue recaptures that could be over 10 Billion Dollars annually in larger oil fields.

Decentralized Planning

Green transition technologies

There are a number of ways that a platform like Energy Ledger Enterprise can assist your business in growing or achieving a massive revenue recapture. This platform is designed to be a settlement network for crude oil transactions that removes governments and politics from the equation, puts our environment first, and raises profits through reduced waste achieved through enhanced

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