Certified Carbon Offsets

xVerde NFT Set is the first Ethereum Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that is tethered to Carbon Offsets that have been produced in strict accordance to BioDiesel programs put into place with the Honduran Government. Our partner Y.E. Planet LLC manages these crops and oversees the production of BioDiesel with the Jatropha Oil that is gathered from these programs.

Energy Ledger has utilized the credits issued by these programs and verified them. Bringing you the very first utility NFT with a purpose, to restore our atmosphere and provide a turn-key solution to businesses looking to offset their emissions.

NFT Mint Price

0.1 ETH

Whitelist Release


What is Jatropha?

Jatropha Curcas is a plant belonging to the Eurphorbiaceae family; it produces a seed that contains a tree-based oil that can be used in biodiesel production.

In addition to being able to produce biodiesel with the seeds, plants naturally absorb CO2 from our atmosphere and convert it back to Oxygen. This is the process that merits the issuance of the carbon offset credits behind the xVerde NFT Set.

  • BioDiesel Ingredient
  • Fights Climate Change
  • Renewable Resource
  • Derived Fuels Burn Cleaner
  • Plant Reduces CO2
  • Farming Provides Jobs

Product Integration

Through an exclusive agreement with Y.E. Planet LLC we have the privilege of introducing a way for Energy producers to utilize our exisiting Energy Ledger ERP solution to calculate their supply chain's carbon footprint and then purchase verified NFT offsets directly through the platform.

This accelerates the transition to biodiesel with $70 USD of every NFT sale being directed back into the carbon offset programs that the credits were issued upon in Honduras and other nations.

Functional Artwork

Each unique ERC-721 NFT acts as the very first NFT software license that provides Web3 access to Energy Ledger's ERP solution for supply chain tracking of energy assets.

Every NFT is also completely unique and features a varying color 'E' with an ornamental guilloche design and a custom piece of artwork for the background. The collection will be burned as Proof of Carbon Offset, creating scarcity within the set.