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Blockchain is the ideal transition technology from fossil fuels to renewables, allowing energy companies to realize a revenue recapture of up to 79%* of profits.

*based on a 2020 study on U.S. Energy Consumption by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

State of the Art

Perfectly implemented for oil & gas.

Green Transition

Blockchain is the best way to measure a transition to green energy.

Cross-Chain Solutions

  • Reap the benefits of lower fees
  • Do business on two of the largest, most reputable blockchains
  • Settle transactions in ELX
  • Fees as low as $0.10 per transaction
  • Data that travels with transactions



Provides tried and true smart contracts in the Solidity language, allowing your business to deploy contracts that interface with the native ELX token.

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The same Solidity smart contracts but on a faster chain with lower fees, allowing your business to deploy contracts that interface with the wrapped bELX token.

Get bELX on PancakeSwap

Enterprise Ready.

Energy Ledger was crafted with Enterprise in mind. Small or large we have crafted our product to be easy enough for anyone to use to help raise their bottom line.

Whether it is a large company collapsing their back office, or a small operator trying to raise their profits - it's all possible with Energy Ledger Enterprise Blockchain.

  • Smart Contracts
  • Immutable Blockchain
  • Privacy for your Organization

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