Track & Offset Carbon Emissions

With Blockchain


Supply Chain Carbon Offsetting

The customers you serve want to know the products your company sells are sourced sustainably. Energy Ledger provides your company with transparency directly back to the original source of the natural resources or carbon offsets. Utilizing blockchain to certify custody transfers and provide a truthful supply chain your customers will be thankful for.

Companies We Serve

Industrial Recycling

Our product applies to all recyclable plastics that are processed through machinery or chemical supply chains.


Our platform allows sequestration of carbon in agricultural commodities markets.


Ensure that renewable sources of energy are being applied effectively.

Minerals & Metals

Everything from lithium to cobalt can be certified for ethical labour standards and low carbon supply

Carbon Sequestration

Is your company committed to net-zero carbon footprint? Illustrate how your product does it with Energy Ledger.

Data Analysis

The data our product helps organize is critical to achieving net zero in any organization

Product Features

  • Blockchain digital twin that provides transparency to the resource origin
  • Tracing natural resource production for net zero sustainability
  • Energy Ledger uses patent protected mass balance accounting allowing tokenized batches
  • Tokens are earned through staking and guarantee continued use of the product for FREE
  • Cross-chain BSC & ETH support for enhanced user choice of public, permissionless chains

Our Customers

"In the energy transition, our objective is to work with our customers to develop a solution for an entire industry." William Pete, CEO

How Blockchain Helps


Ease of Transparency

Energy Ledger's patent protected blockchain digital twin technology for oil & gas provides transparency to any natural resource within a supply chain.


Eliminate Duplicates

Bills of lading and custody transfer certificate duplicates can be a problem in natural resource supply chains, we include data within token transactions that correspond with unique identifiers to ensure there is only one of each document.


Straightforward Audits

Audit reports are easy with Energy Ledger because of digital identity management, permissions can be assigned so only users with the private key can access information. "Can you prove your company is Net Zero?" becomes an easy answer with Energy Ledger.

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