The Premier CryptoCommodity Solution For Worldwide Crude Oil Trade

Above Ground Contianers Containing Proven Oil Reserves .

Renewable Energy Profits Hedged in Tangible Crude Oil

One of the biggest problems with renewables is this provides no tangible liquidity, Energy Ledger is changing everything with it's premier token standard.

We Are Building the Best Solution for Cryptocommodity Trade Worldwide

A Patent Pending Design That Allows Oil-As-Bullion (OaB) Software Solutions

The crude oil industry is in a very awkward phase where it is being slowly eclipsed by other renewable options in the energy market.

Our belief when designing the algorithms behind Energy Ledger were to provision a solution that would allow contrarian investment into oil as a risk hedge, while working with producers of crude oil to secure this age old commodity in a way that is similar to gold or silver bullion.

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Our priority is transparency and honesty in a fast moving industry our whitepaper outlines these values

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Unique solutions to ageless problems.

Blockchain does away with the bureacracy that slows down business and allows everyone to prosper.

Average Working Americans

For the first time since the industrial revolution, the barrier between the average working American and the oil industry has been removed.

Traditional Institutional Brokers

We aim to re-empower and reinvigorate the institutional class of Americans through accountable new blockchain solutions that allow them to show their friends, family, and clients the products of their labor.

Blockchain Timestamping

For the first time in history, a market can operate as a self-regulating, and easily maintenenced network. Brokers and Clients alike will have the tools they need to protect their investments; both time and monetary.

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Upcoming Events & News

Keep updated with the latest on the project and our endeavors with bringing this solution to the mainstream market.

Blockchain Oil and Gas Conference

Inventors, startup professionals, and representatives from the largest energy conglomerates in the world come together under one roof to discuss Blockchain

Patent Officially Filed With USPTO

Application #62718365 begins our endeavour into bringing a patent pending regulated system into the market that has never before been available.

Bureau of Land Management Fails to Sell Federal Land for Drilling

In a landmark market decision in favor of the decline of domestic drilling, U.S. companies shy away from purchasing land from the federal government. Recieving "only seven bids for land covering 80,000 acres, less than 1% of the area offered."